Bay Beagle Rescue, Inc is a 501c3 non profit rescue dedicated to saving those Beagles most in need - the abused, abandoned, senior, and special needs dogs. Our goal is the provide safe, loving foster and adoptive homes for our Beagles for the remainder of their lives.  We are located in Virginia Beach VA

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                     Our beautiful Molly is still waiting for her forever home, she is heartworm positive and will soon start her treatment but she can be fostered to adopt!  She is a sweet girl, quiet and loves attention.

Bunny can only hobble around for a very short time on the end of her broken wrist.
Bunny went to see Dr Dassler, the orthopedic specialist, he can help Bunny, possibly fix her mangled wrist and her shattered elbow. BUT, everything has a price and the price for Bunny's mobility is about $5500. Please share her gofundme and let's give Bunny the happy ending she so deserves.

                             Bunny isn't sure about this physical therapy stuff!
These two precious babies were pulled from a high kill shelter in CA.  They will be here Tuesday July 7th and we are in need of fosters for them.  Did you know that our rescue provides food, a bed, a kennel and all medical needs and you only need to provide a safe home and care until they find their forever homes?  We are located in the Norfolk VA area, please contact us if you can help by fostering.
Charlie is a beautiful chocolate beagle mix, about 5 and very sweet, Rocky is a Beagle mix, 16 lbs and very friendly, both were pulled the day they were to be put down.

Bay Beagle Rescue


This little beagle/chihuahua mix guy was in a shelter, with a foster for a few days and then made his way to us yesterday. We knew he had something wrong with his leg and had trouble breathing. Here is why: he has probably been hit by a car, there is an issue with his leg but more importantly his diaphragm is torn and his intestines are pushed up near his heart. We can’t imagine the pain he was in, but still he wanted to snuggle and give kisses. He was rushed into surgery and his prognosis is good, the leg injury will be addressed a later time. Please consider making a donation to his vet bills which will be expensive, but he is so worth saving.
Fiji's pups all found forever homes!
All of Rose's pups found wonderful forever homes!

As you all know we have taken in many medically needy dogs, four of our newest ones are heartworm positive.  Our medical fund is getting low and we need your help to continue helping these needy beagle babies.  Please consider donating to our medical fund, no amount is too small.

We've got PUPPIES, six of them born 2/17/2015!

WE ARE EXPECTING!!! Sweet Rose was in a rural shelter and had very little time, pregnant in a scary place, she was still very sweet and loving.  We expect little ones very soon!

2014 was a great year, it ended with us being able to bring in three dogs from a small rural shelter. 
Meet Tucker, Holly and Lily!

It was no surprise to us that Tulip won a ribbon in the swimsuit contest.
Our boy Rembrandt needs to have a growth removed from his eye.  Rembrandt came to us from a rural shelter in bad shape, he was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disorder and is in hospice with our wonderful foster Michelle.  Please consider donating to his medical expense fund so we can make sure he is a healthy boy in his retirement years.
Thank you all for your donations.  Rembrandt is recovering nicely from his surgery!

Our newest girls Laverne and Shirley, check back to see them blossom into the beautiful dogs we know they are.

Laverne and Shirley enjoying the sunshine with Murray
This is little Cora.  She came from Chesapeake Animal Care where she had been turned in by her owners because she was ill. Cora has been diagnosed with diabetes and is getting twice daily insulin shots.  She is about 10 years old and very sweet.  Diabetes is very manageable.  If you would like to hear more about her,  please contact us  at baybeagles@gmail.com

This is Autumn.   She was brought to our attention by one of our friends Amanda.  Autumn was picked up by Chesapeake Animal Care after a kind person found her wandering near a power plant.  She has been diagnosed with what the dermatologist calls, one of the worst cases of scabies he has ever seen.  As you can see she has little fur and is very emaciated.  She has started treatment, thanks to the kind people at Animal Allergy & Dermatology, and will be seen by our regular vets soon.  She is safe in a foster home with Lenny and Robin where she will get all the love, attention and food she needs.  Check back for updates as she progresses.
This is Autumn, resting after a busy day Sunday November 17th, 19 days later.
Our ability to rescue dogs is based on two things, fosters to give them a safe and loving temporary home and donations toward their healthcare.  Please consider becoming a foster, it is a great way to save a dogs life and in return you have their love and companionship and you watch them blossom while in your care.
This is Rose and her daughter Violet.  We rescued them from a rural shelter in North Carolina.  Kind people drove up here to bring them to us.  Unfortunately Rose had been neglected for so long with so many health issues we were only able to offer her a few days of love and good food before we had to let her go.  But she did not die in shelter that still uses gas as a means of euthanasia, instead she left peacefully being held by kind people that truly mourned her passing.  Once again we are truly grateful for those of you that shared our pain.  But we are able to help Violet, she is HW positive and will need all her teeth removed.  Our wonderful friends at the VBSPCA clinic will be taking care of her medical needs and soon she will be able to find a forever home.  Please consider donating to help us help Violet.

April's story is a sad one.  Both Karal and Robin received posts about this tiny senior girl (about Ruby's age and size) in the Chesapeake shelter.  Amanda wrote that April's time was up Monday, and because she had a huge mass hanging on her belly that weighed almost as much as she did, she didn't have a hope of adoption. We only knew her for a few days, she is a sweet gentle girl with sad tired eyes.  At least she left us with kind caring people surrounding her, and her obvious suffering is over. Thank you all so much for being with us on this sad journey.
Tulip today after surgery to remove her other eye.
Here is our sign of spring, tiny Tulip.  She was posted on our Facebook page, and with the help of Sandy and her husband Phil, we brought her back to Virginia and to Bay Beagle Rescue. Thank you to BARCS for letting us have her. 
UPDATE: LITTLE TULIP HAS LOST SIGHT IN HER OTHER EYE, THE PRESSURE IN HER EYE HAS GONE UP AND IT WILL NEED TO BE REMOVED.  Tulip does well in her foster home, navigating by sight, smell and touching with her nose.
 THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS AND SUPPORT FOR OUR LITTLE TULIP!  Without all of you, we would not be able to rescue dogs like Ruby and Tulip.

This is SP
ECK, turned into the the Chesapeake Animal Center after living a life in the yard.  She is an older gal, workers at the center estimate at least 12, and as you can see she has led a hard life.  The ladies at the center think she should be called Ruby.   UPDATE: Little Ruby fought to hang on as long as she could, but sadly her little body was worn out and we let her go, in the arms of her foster mom Myra, who loved her so much.
Our rescue, and all that we do, is dedicated to our sweet Noelle and  the dogs like her that need our help.  Please read her story below
One cold November day in 2011, a family in Isle of Wight, Va., found an old Beagle whose rear legs were paralyzed, and she had dragged herself onto  their porch. They called Animal Control, who took her to the county shelter. Noelle was put in a kennel at the front of the shelter so they could keep an eye on her, but most people who saw her wanted to know why they didn't euthanize her - it was very sad to watch her drag herself around her kennel.
 The staff and volunteers there - especially Julia - desperately wanted to help poor Noelle and wouldn't give up. Julia called Myra and was referred  to Doc Andy Murphie, at Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital in Toano. Noelle went on her first road trip with Julia, and Doc said  he could help Noelle. There were no medical funds for orthopedic surgery, however, but Doc made it happen. Noelle stayed at the hospital for a week until she was stable enough to travel.
 Myra and Bill met Julia there, and brought Noelle to her new foster home in Virginia Beach. Bill leash-walked Noelle for almost three months - in all kinds of weather, the two of them were out in the yard every two hours. Noelle looked pitiful - falling down, and wobbling on her new legs. She had the  heart of a warrior, though, and just kept getting up and trying again and again.  
 By February, Noelle was holding her own, and she never looked back. Bill and Myra had fallen in love with her, of course, and she became the leader of the pack. Noelle called the shots, got fat (eating her food and everyone else's), refused to pee anywhere but on the deck (she had enough of yards), and let everyone know who was the boss. She would jump up on those legs when she wanted to get into the dishwasher to search for food, and sit between Bill's feet every night at dinner, waiting for her snack.
No one knows how old Noelle was, but she loved life, and they hoped that she would to have many more years sleeping in the sun.
 Sadly, Noelle became ill the night of January 31st of this year. She went to Dr. Stephanie Reitz at Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital, who performed emergency surgery on her for an intestinal obstruction. Noelle's little body was not strong enough or young enough to survive the shock of surgery, however, and she went to sleep forever.
All of us at Bay Beagle Rescue are especially thankful for the chance to help seniors like Noelle, to give them love and a happy ending. We learn so much from them about courage,  kindness, and the ability to forgive.
Thank you, Noelle, for enriching our lives - we wish we had known you longer.
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