Happy Tails

Sweet Rose came to us ready to deliver her pups.  They have all gone to wonderful forever homes and now Rose has her happy ending with an awesome family!

Clementine was never made available for adoption, her foster family fell in love the minute they met her!

Holly's was definitely a rags to riches story.

Sweet Sadie found her forever home and a new friend.

Mitch's new dad makes sure he is properly attired for a ride in his sports car.

Betty is living the good life now with a family that adores her.
Maybelline is in her forever home!
Mary has a forever home.

Sparkle has her forever home!

Sweet Jake found his forever home with a wonderful new mom that takes him to the horse farm with her everyday!
Sweet Sylvester found his forever home!
Our Ivy waited so long, and her forever mom finally came.Our Ivy waited so long, and her forever mom finally came. And then they adopted Prancer too!

Flossie was adopted by her awesome foster mom Karal!
Remington was adopted by the same family that adopted Adkins last year.  Happy life Remington!
Sweet Maggie's owners found themselves in a better position for her and she went back home!

Sweet Lilly was adopter by her foster parents!

Chrissy has found her forever home and her new dad just adores her!

Baby's foster family could not bear to part with her so she has been adopted!

Buddy has found his forever home and a new brother to play with.

Jim, now Wilson, was adopted and has graduated from obedience school!

Tubbs foster dad decided life would not be the same without him so he is officially adopted!

Chance has been adopted by his foster family, he won their hearts while they were fostering him through his heartworm treatment.

April's foster family just could not let her go, so she will continue to live the good life with them.  Congratulations April!

Our boy Scamp, on the left, with his new forever family!!!
Huey is finally in his own home!

Jack is finally in his forever home!

Trixie has found her forever home with her foster Dacia!

Charlie celebrated the new year with his new family, here he is with his new mom Kelly, his dad Mike and new sister Penny!  What a wonderful family.
Rocky found his forever home with his fosters Tommy and Shannon!

Jeb has found his forever Home with Jackie and Tyler, here he is with his new sister Abbey!

Ridge,  now known as Dodge, was adopted into the  most wonderful family, here he is on the right, with his new family and friends!  We could not have wished for a better ending for this poor dog that was out of time at the shelter. Thanks to his foster mom, Camellia, who gave him the time he needed for his new family to find him. Please consider fostering for us.  You will literally be saving a life.



Happy little Jackson is even happier now that his foster parents have decided they can't be happy without him in their lives.

Lil Bit has now become Mr Big and has insisted that his foster Dad keep him forever.

These two young girls, Topaz and Tanzy, are sweet young girls that were adopted together. 
Lily and Linus were the best Father's day present ever. Mandy, their foster Mom, secretly adopted them and gave them to Craig her husband as a father's day present.  We are happy for them!!!

Marie (aka Doodle) came to us as a scared little Beagle from Isle of Wight. She is quickly learning the rules, but needs a foster family or preferably a forever family,  with the time to reinforce house training and work on her social skills. UPDATE:  Marie has a found her forever home.  CONGRATULATIONS Cody and Ruth for being chosen by Marie!

Ginger has stolen the hearts of Myra's family and will become a part of her son's family!

Wiggles has found her forever home and we are so happy for the whole family!

Lady has found her forever home, THANK YOU Jake and Kristen for loving our girl and making her your loved family member!

Hank's foster parents have decided they love him too much to let him go so he has officially been adopted by Tommy, one of our volunteers.  Congratulations Hank for finding a wonderful furever home!

Gentle Bonz was picked up stray in Charles City, and was severely emaciated. We think this beagle/hound mix is about 7-8 years old and he weighs only 20 pounds at the very most. As so often happens, these hounds are found in this shape, tossed aside because they are no longer useful. He is absolutely one of the sweetest dogs, and wants to be petted and loved. Thanks to the efforts of Patrise, Tommy from BBR, and Mandy, who generously opened her home to Bonz, he has been rescued by Bay Beagles.
UPDATE, Bonz, now Bailey has been adopted by his foster parents!
Bramble came  from a high kill shelter in Tazewell, Virginia.  One of our volunteers saw his picture on Facebook, he was out of time there and we couldn't help but rescue him and help him find a forever home. UPDATE, once again we have a "foster failure".  Sweet Bramble's foster parents can not let him go.  Have a happy live in your wonderful furever home Bramble.
Isabelle's foster mom, Karal, has joined the ranks of foster failures.  Good job Isabelle, you found your perfect home!

Betty is a sweet well adjusted beagle. She was found wandering as a stray in Charles City, VA. Her cropped talk indicates that she was previously used as a hunting dog, and it is clear that she was also used for breeding. However, she appears to be house trained, and to know what it means to be a pet. Good with other dogs and with cats, there isn't much that Betty needs besides a lot of love and affection.
UPDATE:  Betty has been adopted by her foster parents.  CONGRATULATIONS TO BETTY AND HER PARENTS!

UPDATE: Adkins has been adopted into a most wonderful home, congratulations Adkins!

Kenny is a sweet 3-4 year old, larger (approx. 40 lbs) beagle boy. He came from a county shelter in central Va where he was rescued right before his time was up.  Kenny, an older gentleman that enjoys squeaky toys, fine dining and snuggling.  Our wonderful gentle Kenny has found his forever home!